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What this means is that when paying for premium themes & plugins you aren’t actually paying for the plugin but for support and automatic updates.

If you are creating a site that you are monetising then it is only decent to pay the teams that make these amazing tools. We have bought many premium plugins over the years and received some fantastic products & support. For learning purposes we provide you with all the premium plugins that are used to build this site. Subscribe to site & YouTube Channel for access.

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What Does It Mean?

Lesson 1 - Create Google Account

Create either a G Suite or G Mail account dependent upon your requirements. If you are only planning on using Google Cloud Platform then you don’t require G Suite as GCP has its own billing structure.

If you plan to use any of Google’s Productivity Suite in a commercial or education environment then you MUST be licensed to do so. It is a criminal offence to use personally licensed software in a commercial/education environment. Fines of £10,000 can be the penalty. Plus it just isn’t right to go steal someone’s hard work. See the different plans by clicking G Suite.

Lesson 2 - Google Cloud Platform

Now we have to log in to the GCP Console. Before we can we need to set up billing. You will get $300.00 credit which pretty much covers my first year hosting. The package I have chosen costs $25.97 per month for 3.75GB and 1 vCPU and SSD. As you are still at the learning stage I would advise thinking about your future requirements. What sort of traffic do you envisage? What resources will be required? We cover this later.

As it is a trial you can set it all up and if it isn’t for you, just cancel it. If you set up with G Suite then be aware G Suite trial period is only 14 days so you will start to incur G Suite billing but not GCP ($25.97 aforementioned) after 14 days. If learning in a staging environment set up with standard G Mail account. If plan to go live quick and license fees are due set up with G Suite to avoid redoing when doing live site. £9.20 per month whilst you get your site live then a month or so of G Suite billing is nothing really.

Lesson 3 - Create Project

Think of your project as your folder. Everything of relevance can be stored there or you can create different projects. Let’s say you require a Google Storage Bucket and CDN on your site amongst other things. In your project you can set IAM (Identity & Access Management) Policies to share your project across a network of sites. Think a multitude of sites being fed images from the one load-balanced (further on I explain this) CDN Bucket.

Imagine these 10 sites are all hosting their own copy of the image in their own non-offload media environment, again later…

This takes up: memory, resources, and human input. Let’s say the product is improved so a new version now becomes available. The 10 self hosted sites all have to have someone manually get the image and replace the existing one. With one master image all this is automated.  So sharing the bucket makes sense to have its own project. Clever or what?


Project Recap

You can put all of your required APIs, products in just the one project. If only you or websites controlled (or permitted) by you are going to use them, put them all in the same project (be aware of resource costs though as one source feeding many sites could incur significant costs as opposed to each site having its own feed). I have a separate project for my WP Mailer for purposes of sharing just that resource with someone else. 

Lesson 4 - Pin Google Menu Items

In this lesson we are going to be using 7 Google Products as a minimum. We may end up using more as we go on further through the project but that is a bridge…

To pin the desired products to the top you just hover over the product you want and a pin appears. Select the pin and it is pinned and shall appear at the top like in the image opposite (or below if on a mobile device). If you need to unpin it simply hover over it again, select the pin and it is gone.

These pinned products will remain on the side irregardless of what project you are in. Also, if you end up with multiple projects be aware of working on the correct one. If something doesn’t seem right in your project i.e. certain APIs (Service Acount) are missing then again, check you are in the correct project. Experience speaking here. Way back when I started GCP I deleted the APIs that ran the location and distance for the search form on (dormant at the moment). Massive slap on head.

Product Pinning Is Covered In Tutorial Video

Lesson 5 - Deployment Manager

Don't Worry I Have Changed The Password!

We use this to deploy WordPress on to a Virtual Machine. Bearing in mind this technology is the exact same to host & manage Google Search & YouTube. This offers a fantastic sense of security. Latency is not even worth measuring. Google Data Centres at their finest.

Once we install WordPress we can see that an install of WordPress has been installed but it has an IP Address we can see that there is also an Adim URL You can log in to the WordPress instance by using username: user and the password provided. Even create your amazing site, but whoa Nellie.

Ta-Da, your very first instance of WordPress hosted on Google Cloud Platform. How easy was that? Next we cover: DNS and creating a Zone.

Need Help? We Can Link Up On Teamviewer To Get You Up & Running

Sometimes it is just more reassuring to have some expert help on hand. Perhaps you want the Google Cloud Platform & WordPress experience but don’t want to have to worry about the configuration.

Fear thee not, I am on hand for a 1-1 session on Teamviewer or I can just go ahead and set it all up so you can just get on with your WordPress flair.


My Fee is £30 Per Hour Or Part Of

Lesson 6 - Setting Up Your Domain & Setting Static IP Address

Now that we have installation we want our domain name to point to it.

First we create a new zone. Once we have created this we create 2 types of record. Select ‘Add Record Set’ button and choose an A Record. We take the IP Address that is currently running our WP site (you can find this under Deployment Manager, select your Deployment then watch for the IP Address. We paste this IP in to the IPv4 Address.

Add New Record. CNAME and in DNS Name put www then in Canonical name put your domain i.e This tells to show 

This Can Take Up To 48 Hours To Propagate.

It is essential that your IP Address is changed to static. In the image you can see in use by. This tells you what is using what IP Address. Under Type you will see your IP Address says Epehmeral. When you opt to change type you are asked to choose a name for your static IP. A good practice is to just call it your website without the .com, .org etc.

IP Address Must Be Static

Lesson 7 - Securing Your Domain With SSL

If your browser warns you that a site is unsafe, what do you do? I bet the answer is exit. A SSL I got on offer for £3.99 (Google GoDaddy SSL Offer and you will see GoDaddy have an Ad for one for £3.99). We originally had one of those but balked at the £47.99 fee for the following year. We found a much better way to protect our site for free.

WordPress Certified by Bitnami insures a quick solution to installing a free SSL that auto-renews every 90 days.

All it takes to install is a line of code. Selecting Y to the terms & conditions, entering the domain to be protected, an email address for Let’s Encrypt, agree to some more terms and it’s done. If DNS mis-configured you will get a warning stating that the installation & domain name don’t match.

Ensure Your Visitors Feel Safe

Lesson 8 - Removing Bitnami Banner From Homepage

We all want our page to just contain exactly what we want, where we want it. This is easily achieved with one simple line of code in SSH.

What’s more if visitors click on the Bitnami Banner it tells them the user name for Admin. Not the best idea.

Make Your Homepage Your Own

Lesson 9 - Activating WP Mail SMTP

This plugin is preinstalled DO NOT DELETE! If you fail to configure the mailer for your site you will discover that your site can’t send emails. For instance when a user registers. No-one gets a mail.

This in essence means that your site isn’t worth a bean. If it can’t actually interact then your fluffed. We take you through every step required to ensure full functionality.

Essential For Site To Send & Receive Emails

Lesson 10 - Offloading Media With Stateless

With media being one of the heaviest demands on your memory and resources, doesn’t it make sense to offload?

We step you through setting up your service key. This links up with the Stateless plugin to bring your bucket in to WordPress. Your bucket is where you store your media (images, videos, PDF, etc). We then create a Load Balancer (the bucket can also be created whilst creating the Load Balancer but I like to demo thoroughly). A certificate is created for the bucket.

Your images now get served from Google’s CDN. Massive improvement.

Google CDN = 90 Global Google Data Centres

All Installed & Correctly Configured

Lesson 11 - Creating Backup (Snapshot)

If you use WordPress either long or hard enough then it will eventully break. WSOD is inevitable. The saving grace is a solid backup policy.

During the building of your site you will get to the next successful stage of the build then create a backup. If you go headlong through your build and don’t do regular backups and functionality checks then disaster may already be present but in your design flair you are ignorantly bliss.

We introduce you to many fantastic Google & other products that will make your developing life much more pleasant. Imagine showcasing your beautiful & fantastic Elementor Masterpiece to your client and it doesn’t work? Absolute disaster and waste of time and money. #fixforfree.

A Stitch In Time...

Lesson 12 - Restoring From Snapshot

Should Disaster Strike Be Ready

If you find yourself falling prey to the dreaded White Screen Of Death (WSOD) then a back up may be the only resort. I have had my backside saved from several disasters by a backup (Snapshot).

Imagine doing days, weeks, even months of work. Your site looks super, you do one tiny thing, almost innocuous and your site goes into WSOD. What are you going to do? All that work lost. AARRGGHH is a polite way of putting it. You know who you will be angry at? You, of course. The words ‘WHY DID I NOT BACK UP?’ reverberate around your skull! Plan ahead.

Gladly, you made a snapshot and all can be restored. How old is your Snapshot (how many new users since then?) We set schedule backups.

Well That Was Simplicity Itself

You can now install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform. Bet you’re thinking ‘Why did I delay’. You can now go ahead and dazzle your clients with your brilliance. Furthermore you can set up your clients on GCP with $300 credit meaning you can build your entire environment for free (G Suite fees apply if opted for G Suite account and a domain if you don’t already have one). You could also charge your clients for hosting for the 1st year maximising your revenue stream.

Just to finish on this section we have seen that we don’t have to accept mediocre hosting providers. Splitting up your site across host, then offloading media to a separate CDN, using plugins unnecessarily. Start afresh.

Why Settle For Anything Less?

Google Sorted For Now, Let's Get Creating Brilliance With EP & Yith


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