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WordPress General Purpose License allows you to compete in the world of Web Developing no matter your financial circumstances. This means that the only limitations are your imagination. If you can dream it, WordPress can weave it.

When an author is selling a premium version of a theme or plugin they are actually selling automatic updates and offering a support package. You are not buying the theme or plugin. It is not illegal to use premium themes or plugins without a license as they are all under GPL. If you have purchased a license and the following year you do not re-new your license your theme or plugin will still work. Embrace the world of FREE FREE FREE!

Don’t listen to the fools who start waffling on about getting hacked through using plugins that are obtained free from sites like: gplzone.com, gpldl.com, and many others. THESE ARE THE EXACT SAME PLUGIN/THEME PURCHASED FROM THE AUTHORS. How do you think they got on there? Someone obviously bought it then made it freely available AS PER GPL.

The entire purpose (I think) of WordPress is so that people can compete on a level playing field, no matter their financial standing. What do I mean? Imagine if a multi-millionaire web developer from the USA and a poverty stricken web developer from Africa both had to buy all of the premium plugins & themes on WP, the African couldn’t even begin to compete. Well thanks to GPL anyone can play.


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Create Excellent Sites With 1st Year Startup Cost For Domain Name Only

Build whatever you imagine, on the World’s Best Tech and do it for the cost of a domain name only. Google offer unparalleled technology that costs less than a family can eat at McDonalds for.

Why settle for sub-standard hosts who start charging you from the very get go? You haven’t even begun building your site and you are paying for hosting. Absolute lunacy. Join us in embracing the future. It’s rosey!

C Panel

Common Mistake Made By Many

Many people watch YouTube tutorials where the tutors ultimate goal is to get you to click their Affiliate Link. When they recommend a garden variety host it isn’t because it is best for you. It is because it is best for them. They now have a monthly recurring revenue stream. You pay the hosts, they earn! 

If you take the hosting with the C Panel with unlimited websites you will soon see that you start to suffer critical failures. Imagine a family of 3 moving in to a 2 bed apartment, all is fine. Move another family of 3 in and you have major space issues. So why would cramming in unlimited websites in to a limited hosting plan seem like a good idea? Now I mention it. Imagine all those sites and plugins vying for attention on say shared hosting with 2GB of RAM. DOOMED! Give your site the love it deserves. Either Google or Microsoft.

So why do I do this? Just give away years of study for FREE. Basically I believe that anyone, no matter their background or financial standing should be able to realise their dream of becoming a developer.

I am currently studying for a BSc in Computer Sciences at the esteemed Canterbury Christ Church University. My ultimate goal is to reach out to the Developing Nations & introduce them to just what sort of amazing tech is out there irregardless of their finances. The Big IT companies care.

**The Naked WordPress Contains No Affiliation Links Whatsoever**

Build An Entire Site Like eBay, Amazon, Trivago For:

£0.94p. I registered a domain name with the TLD (Top Level Domain) .club with namecheap. It was £1.09 then I tried Honey (Chrome extension for shopping voucher codes) and got a working discount which meant my domain was £0.94p.

Let's Get World Class Hosting Sorted First. It's FREE For First Year With Google Or Credit. Common sense prevails.

Don’t waste your time getting a C Panel from the likes of GoDaddy, SiteGround, Bluehost etc. Second rate servers compared to Google’s Data Centres. With Google for instance I show you how to offload your media to Google’s CDN which is 90 Global Data Centres. Why accept burger when Sirloin Steak is on the menu?


Google Cloud Platform

So, you’ve been hearing about people hosting their WordPress on GCP but not sure how to go about it yourself? It really is easy. What’s more all videos are FREE to those who subscribe to our site and YouTube Channel.

You are taking your first step to becoming a much more fantastic developer & adding a significant string to your bow. Who doesn’t want that?

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That’s right people, you are just a few clicks away from becoming a GCP & WP Jedi. As a welcome we are giving you all of the premium plugins used to build this site. You can use these as you choose as per GPL License. Why pay loads of money to learn how to build or in case the theme or plugin doesn’t work for you.

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